Hello 2016!

Hello, well it has been a while, I’ve been really fortunate to have worked on some great projects so far this year, such as…………………………………………………..

Miss Transgender: Britain’s New Beauty Queens

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 14.36.51

Feature Documentary Dir. Jasleen Kaur Sethi for Minnow Films/BBC1

A documentary following three transgender women competing in the 2015 Miss Transgender Beauty pageant. Really interesting doc and equally interesting to score, trying to capture a sense of bravery and elegance but combining it with occasional vulnerability and the KERPOW! one would expect from these sorts of emotionally charged competitions.


Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 14.53.45

Fiction Feature Film Dir. Boo Junfeng, Augenschein Filmproduktion.

Beautiful and highly original Singapore arthouse film about an executioner’s apprentice, recently premiering at Cannes 2016. I co-scored this with Alexander Zeke, ranging from bubbling and restless strings to claustrophobic sound design, such a rich, moving and understated film all round. Check it out if you can!

Martha Tilston New Album (and new direction!)

I’ve been making music away from film both in the studio and on stage with Martha Tilston singersongstress. It’s always a magical experience. We’ve been beavering away on her new album with a new direction for her heading BEATSwards, MUCH fun and we’ve been signed to Membran records in Germany! Here’s to some more European tours!

Every Split Second Counts (The History of Olympic Time Keeping)

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 15.11.32

Documentary for Omega time keeping. Dir John Dower. Pulse Films.

Well…..I was amazed how engrossed I was by this film, time keeping sounds likes a rather drab subject, but when you get into the history and sports people’s stories and their dedication, either to be awarded or cruuuuuelly denied ;-) at the finish line by thousandths of a second….crushing, uplifting. Anyway enough of my opinion, you can watch the whole thing HERE!

Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 15.20.46

6-part TV series Dir. Cathy Brady. Deadpan pictures for RTE Ireland.

Great comedy drama series written by Stefanie Preisner, following the relationship of two twenty-something party girls. I loved working on this, really great mix of comedy and drama and letting me go a bit leftfield and wonky at times (love a bit of wonky!).


So just about to dive into some string arrangements for Ninja Tune’s Jono McCleery for his forthcoming album and then onto a feature film called “Popeye” written and directed by Kirsten Tan, starring….an elephant! can’t wait.


Recent Features

Here’s an update on some of the recent features I’ve scored.

Arlecchino poster

IO, ARLECCHINO dir. Matteo Bini, Giorgio Pasotti. A moving Italian film about old and new traditions told through a father and son relationship. I loved working on this film trying to capture a sense of antiquity, the vibrance and earthiness of the Comedia dell’Arte combined with a modern treatment and a nice amount of free reign to go epic! Cinematic release coming soon.

Screen shot 2015-03-26 at 10.00.42

The Great European Disaster Movie Dir. Annalisa Piras for BBC Storyville. A controversial documentary with an interwoven dystopian fiction strand about the way the European Union could be heading if we don’t do something. This was a real joy to work on capturing the breadth and historical depth of Europe combined with a quasi-futuristic dystopia, perfect opportunity to do some wonky weird whilst exploring the wide range of music from across the continent.  Following on from BBC4 broadcast, currently being broadcast and screened across Europe.


As You Were Dir. Jeikai Liao. A subtle and powerful film, loaded with everything that goes unsaid in a relationship between two childhood sweethearts reunited after many years of separation. The gentle and experimental approaches in the film offered me the great opportunity of focusing in on being delicately understated one moment then to be throwing random objects inside a piano and severely mistreating it to coax out some industrial cityscape Singapore jazz mutants.


Sleeping with the Fishes wins a BAFTA!!



What a fantastic and surreal evening at the BAFTAs! A tonne of stars a tonne of free cocktails and Sleeping with the Fishes getting some of those gold faces to take home for Best Short Animation! Wow!!!!! Who’dathunk it?

Golden Reel Awards 2014

Very proud to have been the composer on 3 of the 7 nominations for the 2014 Golden Reel Awards by the Motion Picture Sound Editors organisation out in LA, THE top Sound in film awards. Congrats to Tom Lock Griffiths “Miss Todd”, Filipe Paskiewicz “Anamnesis”and Nikola Medic “Sleeping with the Fishes” (who is having to miss the BAFTA awards ceremony to be in LA! I dunno know these awards ceremonies are like buses).

“Dollface” forthcoming screenings


“Dollface”, a dark comedy directed by Louis Paxton (scored by me!) will be screening at the following film festivals this January.

Sat 18th Jan at the London Short Films Festival in the programme “Love Makes the World Go Round

17th – 20th Jan at Sputnik Kino’s British Shorts in Berlin

17th – 19th Jan at Southend’s Horror-On-Sea Festival, apparently playing in a big white bus cinema. I love the sound of a seaside horror film festival in a bus.

Sleeping with the Fishes LIAFF

sonja colour tes2

“Sleeping with the Fishes” won the Audience Award for Best of British Animation at the London International Animation Festival 2013. Always nice to get the thumbs up from the punters!!!!

Bernard Herrman Dubstep…

…was my latest brief for a forthcoming app trailer. I was surprised I couldn’t find other examples of such a wondrous union of genres. The results coming a-forthwith, watch this space!

Edit 5th Jan 2014: Finished trailer is here!


“Sodiq” wins a Grierson award!


Amazing news for the “Sodiq” documentary that I scored, winning a prestigious Grierson Award for Best Student Documentary. This is apparently the top accolade for documentaries in this country. Director Yemi is currently out in Nigeria for it’s screening in the Africa International Film Festival plus the film has been nominated for the IDA Documentary Awards, the USA equivalent of the Griersons. Fingers crossed!