Festi update

“Miss Todd” dir. Kristina Yee has recently won the Best International Student Film at the Blackrock Animation Festival in Dublin, Ireland. The film has also made her way into Puchon International Student Animation Festival, St. Louis International Film Festival, Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival and Heartland Film Festival.

“Mass of Men” dir. Gabriel Gauchet has now won 25 top place awards in festivals and has been invited into 47 international festivals so far! Details here http://gabrielgauchet.com/The%20Mass%20of%20Men/themassofmen-awa.html

“Sleeping with the Fishes” dir. Yousif Al-Khalifa has recently been invited into the BAFTA qualifying Leeds International Film Festival, Puchon International Student Animation Festival (Korea) and the  International Competition at the Rencontres Henri Langlois International Film Schools’ Festival.

“Sodiq” dir. Adeyemi Michael has been nominated for the prestigious Grierson UK Documentary Awards (plus some more exciting news to follow!)

aaaand “Our Name is Michael Morgan” dir.Maurice Caldera has been invited to International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts, Miami Short Film Festival, St Louis International Film Festival. If only I could join the Mr.Morgans on their trip!